Committment to Care Campaign

Commitment to Care Campaign

is dedicated to placing modern technology in the hands of the medical staff at The McCausland Hospital to preserve the excellent quality of life of the communities that it serves.

What does Commitment to Care mean?  In essence, Commitment to Care is a reaffirmation of the McCausland Hospital's dedication to providing superior healthcare.  It is a commitment to maintaining McCausland Hospital's leading status as a healthcare provider in the community by continually improving its healthcare services.  It is the commitment to upholding the dignity of each patient, health care professional, family member, friend and caregiver by meeting the health needs of Northern Ontario.  It is the desire to achieve healthy communities now and in the future!

Our goal is to help The McCausland Hospital improve the quality of healthcare by acquiring updated medical equipment for its patients and healthcare professionals.

As an integral component in the community, it is important that the McCausland Hospital has access to the latest medical equipment.  Proven technological advancements in the field of healthcare have demonstrated positive impacts on patients and healthcare professionals.  With your help, an investment into The McCausland Hospital will become an investment into the community.  Current medical equipment is the tool healthcare professionals need to deliver superior health care every day.

Yet medical equipment is often very expensive.  It is a simple and very real fact that the Canadian government can no longer pay for all the new technologies and healthcare services.  The McCausland Hospital alone cannot meet all of its capital expenditures for current equipment.