New Fundraising Campaign - WM

New Fundraising Campaign for Wilson Memorial General Hospital 

Laboratory Equipment 

It can be easy to overlook the laboratory at Wilson Memorial Hospital. When things are running smoothly in the lab, you might not notice it at all.  But our lab is a critical part of our hospital.  Technologists like Tara work to get your caregiver the information they need.  Tara analyzes your sample and records the results.  The quicker we get results, the quicker your caregivers can make a diagnosis and start treatment.   

Help Tara get the results she needs. 

Help Tara to get results


         Fundraising Goals:             Blood Count Analyser valued at approximately      $60,000

                                                              & Vitro Machine valued at approximately            $150,000


The following Fund raisers are working towards helping the Laboratory replace old equipment:

* All Nevada Sales

*Chase the Ace

*The Auxiliary to WMGH – Gift Shop

*Sirard’s Independent Barbeque

* Marathon TS Station Construction

Thank you so much for your support!

Superior Survey: $2,000

Surprise donation from Dan and Chris at Superior Survey Inc. 
Surprise donation from Dan and Chris at Superior Survey Inc. 


John Andrews Foundation: $3,750

Elisa-Jean Speziale, Vicky McGarry and Tara McGrath accept the donation from the John Andrews Foundation
on behalf of Wilson Memorial Hospital