New Fundraising Campaign - MH

New Fundriasing Campaign for the McCausland Hospital


Introducing our NEWEST Campaign for The McCausland Hospital, Chemistry Analyzer, valued at approximately $150,000.00 with a goal of raising funds by April 2021!  

It can be easy to overlook the laboratory at The McCausland Hospital.  When things are running smoothly in the lab, you might not notice it at all.  But our lab is a critical part of our hospital.  Technologist like Heidi & Richard work to get your caregiver the information they need.  The Lab Technologist analyze your samples and record results.  The quicker we get results, the quicker your caregivers can make a diagnosis and start treatment. 

Pictured is Makenna Monks, Heidi Wilson, Richard Rantala and Dr. Escott, the Lab team at The McCausland Hospital