New X-Ray Machine at WM

We did it! New X-Ray Machine at Wilson Memorial! 

Together we raised over $305,000 to cover the cost of the hospital's digital and mobile x-ray machines at Wilson Memorial General Hospital.  In November the portable arrived and in mid December the New X-ray machine was in place and servicing the public.     The Radiology Department is now operating with new technology offering the community the services they deserve to help with early diagnosis and good health.   

The dream of having a new Digital X-ray machine would not be possible without the support of Marathon & the surrounding communities, local businesses and businesses out of town,   foundations and support groups who are always willing to give to North of Superior Healthcare Group.   You can be proud to know that our hospital is what it is today, because of YOU!

New X-Ray Machine
Vic Theriault (first patient) and Rui Jing (radiologist) pose with the new x-ray machine