Volunteer Luncheon 2020

2020 NOSH Volunteer Luncheon

On Tuesday, September 22nd at Wilson Memorial and Thursday, September 24, at The McCausland Hospital, a Drive thru Luncheon  was organized for the Volunteers at NOSH. Meals to go were prepared by the Kitchen staff and a small gift was given to all volunteers to show appreciation for all that they do. As the volunteers drove thru to pick up their lunch they were greeted by Charlene Schintz, Fundraising Coordinator and others of the mangment team at NOSH. It was a beautiful day to greet our volunteers and to let them know we miss them all.

The pandemic has kept our team of dedicated volunteers out of the hospital, we remain grateful for all they have done for our community. Our community members including many of you, have responded to the Covid-19 pandemic by coming together to make masks, protective equipment for our staff, donating food to feed our Health Care hero's, delivering meals and working to ensure we can make it through this crisis together. Volunteer and auxilians strengthen our organizations mission to enhance the health of the people we serve.

We want all our Volunteers to know how much we appreciate you. And when we come through this, we will all look forward to seeing you back in our hallways and beyond again. We miss you terribly.