Board of Directors Recruitment

The Board invites interested community residents to consider serving as a member of the North of Superior Healthcare Group Board of Directors.

 We are looking for volunteers from our community:

  • who are committed to strong healthcare services,
  • who believe in the importance of leadership and commitment,
  • who will bring a motivated perspective to the Board,
  • whose values are consistent with the North of Superior Healthcare Group,
  • who have a history of community leadership,
  • who have financial and business acumen,
  • who have strategic planning and visionary skills, and
  • who have the time necessary to be a productive Board member.

 Initiatives such as the development of a regional health care network, information system, and integration of services make this an exciting and challenging time to be a member of the Board.

 Candidates should forward a resume and completed application to Beth Ryan, Executive Assistant at nosh%23ca|bryan

 All applications will go to the Recruitment Committee for review for final selection for interview.