Seniors Day Program

October 2020 Update: Due to COVID-19, the Seniors Day Program is currently closed. We are in the process of reviewing the program and looking into effective ways to offer this program safely and successfully to individuals in the community through the pandemic. 

Wilson Memorial General Hospital is pleased to provide seniors with socialization, activities and comradeship through our Seniors Day Program.

What is the Seniors Day Program?

The Seniors Day Program is available for seniors and adult with disabilities. The Program is designed to accommodate all individuals, as well as those who are isolated in the community, and to provide them with a social outlet. The Program will also provide families with much needed respite. 

Monthly schedules are developed by the Recreation Coordinator with great assistance and support from volunteers and community members. Some activities that are done are: crafts, music therapy, exercising, entertainment, games, gardening, monthly birthday celebrations, Snoezelen Therapy, scenic drives in the Senior Services Van, and much more.

When is it run?

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 3pm

Coffee, tea and snacks are provided to the participants throughout the day and a nutritious lunch can also be provided.

You can choose from half days or full days depending on the individual’s needs.


There is a nominal fee for participants to offset costs such as prizes, materials, entertainment costs, supplies, etc.

Half day with no lunch (aprx 3 hrs) = $ 15.00

Half day with lunch (aprx 3 hrs) = $ 20.00

Full day with lunch (10am-3pm) = $ 30.00

How do I register?

To learn more about the Seniors Day Program or if you would like to volunteer your time, skills and talents, please contact Lorelle Sgro, Community Programs Coordinator, at 229-1740 ext 278.