Wilkes Terrace Long Term Care

Fireside Room

The Fireside Room is a place where friends, family and other residents can gather to enjoy each other's company or watch television.  We also use this Fireside Room for activities such as Hangman, Wheel of Fortune, reading and also for events like our monthly Pub Night.  All the activities are organized by our own Long Term Care Programs Manager.  These activities and events are designed to encourage residents to maintain and improve daily skills; whether it be social, sensory, motor functions or just friendly relationships, our goal is to ensure residents enjoy becoming a part of Wilkes Terrace.  A monthly Long Term Care Calendar can be picked up outside the LTC Program Manager's office. 

Fireside Lounge

In the Fireside Lounge there is an electric fireplace and a piano which gets used every Sunday by one of our volunteers. There is also an entrance to the outdoor lounge, which is fenced in and fully furnished with patio furniture, donated by the Auxiliary, for the residents to sit and visit with their family and friends. In the outside lounge, there is a raised garden, a BBQ and a green space for all to use.  

Health Therapy room

There is a Health Therapy room on site where residents go for Physiotherapy. Also, in the activities area Physio & Recreation host two exercise classes every week for the residents to participate in. They also have two walking classes every week. In these classes, physio and recreation walk with residents to the end of the hallway to the ‘quiet room’ and back to the Fireside Lounge. 

Quiet Room

The Quiet room is a smaller lounge where some residents go to visit their families in. This lounge is also overlooking Lake Superior.   

Dining Room

In the dining room there is a full kitchen complete with fridge, stove, microwave, sink and dishwasher for the residents to use with assistance, if they wish. Every Christmas, with help from the dietary staff, Wilkes Terrace hosts a Christmas Supper.  We are able to fit 88 people comfortably in the dining room. There is also an outdoor patio, accessed through the dining room, which is fully furnished and enclosed with windows and screen. Some Residents enjoy sitting out here for lunch, supper or for a coffee while listening to the sounds of the outdoors, and overlooking Lake Superior without the bugs! 


Wilkes Terrace also has a Multi Faith Sanctuary where the Priests, Pastors, etc. come to give church services to residents once, or twice a week.