NOSH 5050 Winners

Congrats to this months NOSH 5050 Winner!

September   2022

 Grand Prize Draw:   John Tesolin   of  Gorham, ON has won $5,175 (ticket #L-2543309)

Previous Months Winners

August  2022:   Greg Meloche     of Nipigon, Ontario has won $4,415 (ticket #K-9357888)

July 2022:    Barb Brand of Marathon, Ontario has won $4,418 (ticket #J-1348532); Andy   Karanasos  of Thunder Bay, Ontario has won a $300   ESSO    Gas Card (ticket #J-6223890)

June 2022:   Joan Janik  of Thunder Bay, Ontario won $5,840 (ticket #I-4876652)

May 2022: Noella   LeSarge  of Marathon, Ontario  won $6982.00 (ticket # H-6640161);  Shirley Desjardins  of Shuniah, Ontario won a $250 gas card and a $50 gift card to The Keg 

April 2022: Julie Ryoho from Thunder Bay won $7952.00;  Mitchell Fairservice from Schreiber won $1000; Ron Dakin from Schreiber won $1000.

March 2022: Paul Holmes from Thunder Bay, Ontario won 6028.00.

February 2022: Lisa Budden from Manitouwadge, Ontario won $5562.00.

January 2022: Amber Kruzel from Thunder Bay, Ontario won $5,978.

December 2021: Geradine Robichaud from Marathon won $9,520; Richard Brearley of Terrace Bay won $250;  Megan and Ann Muller from Rossport won $250.

November 2021: Rita from Marathon won $5,340; Kim from Terrace Bay won a handmade quilt donated by Carmel Taylor; Daryl of Terrace Bay won $300 in gift cards. 

October 2021: Natasha from Marathon won $6,572; Ingo from London won $300 in gift cards. 

September 2021: Vicky from Marathon won $6,708; Desiree from Marathon won $200 in gift cards.

August 2021: Sandi from Thunder Bay won $6,502; Ruth from Marathon won $200 in gift cards.

July 2021: Gerald from Shuniah won $6,202; Glena from Nipigon won $200 in gift cards.

June 2021: Doug from Marathon won $7,850; Patricia from Thunder Bay won a $100 gas card; Sandra from Schreiber won a $100 gas card. 

May 2021: Sarah from Terrace Bay won $9,520; Doreen from Thunder Bay won $100 and a $50 gas card; Leslie from Terrace Bay won $100 and a $50 gas card. 

April 2021: Stephanie from Marathon won $11,692; Stephanie from Marathon won a trip for 2 anywhere West Jet fly's; Shelley from Marathon won $100.

March 2021: Denis from Nipigon won $14, 018; Jeanette from Terrace Bay won $500. 

February 2021: Bonnie from Marathon won $8,868; Roger from Marathon won $250 to Home Hardware; Daryl from Terrace Bay won $100 to Joe Fresh and a $50 gas card. 

January 2021: Cathryn from Terrace Bay won $6,720; Shirley Anne from Marathon won $250 to Home Hardware; Daniel from Marathon won $100 to Joe Fresh and a $50 gas card. 

December 2020: Ann from Terrace Bay won $11,698; Darcie from Red Rock won a 15 min helicopter ride for 4; Faith, Joanne, Cindy and Lynn from Dietary at WMGH won $500; Tammy from Marathon won $250 to Canadian Tire

November 2020: Linda from Schreiber won $3,418

October 2020: Roger from Marathon won $2,925
September 2020: Karen from Nipigon won $4,288
August 2020: Jennifer from Marathon won $4,050
July 2020:  Luke from Marathon won $4,470  

June 2020 : John from Terrace Bay won $3,820

May 2020 : Doug and his wife Louise from Schreiber won $4,398