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Project Timeline



 December 2021

 Application Submitted

 February 2022

 Received “Successful Application”

 March 2022

 Received letter of “Provisional Bed Allocation” from Minister Calandra

 July 2022

 Release of required “application” documentation from Ministry of
 Long-Term Care

 August 2022

 Additional required documentation submitted

 January 2023

 Preliminary plan submission tender and beginning of process

 July 2023

 Approval of working drawings and permission to proceed to tender
 from Ministry of Health and Ministry of Long-Term Care

 August 2023

 Tender close, review and award of bids.

 Final document preparation and submission to Ministry of Long-Term 

 Ministry of Long-Term Care final approval process completed and
 approval to construct received.

 October 2023

 Public announcement and ceremonial construction start.

 Spring 2024

 Begin Construction

 Spring 2025

 Open to public, first resident move-in.

Project Summary

The North of Superior Healthcare Group (NOSH) has signed an approval to construct with the Ministry of Long-Term Care (MLTC) for a new 14-bed Long-Term Care (LTC), an addition to its existing Wilson Memorial Hospital facility located in Marathon, Ontario and set to open as early as spring of 2025. The LTC home will be designed to fill in a “care continuum” gap within the Marathon catchment area, which includes the Town of Marathon, Biigtigong Nishnaabeg First Nation and Netmizaaggamig Nishnaabeg First Nation. There are currently no long-term care beds in the Marathon catchment area; with the closest LTC facility located 80 km to the west, at the NOSH owned/operated Wilkes Terrace twenty-two (22) bed LTC facility in Terrace Bay.

The Informing Care for Seniors 2021 report published by Ontario Health North has singled out Marathon as the only hospital-serviced community in Northwestern Ontario, that does not have any long-term care beds. Based on an estimated senior (>65) population of 500, the report identifies a current LTC bed demand of 25 beds, growing to 35 by 2035. This demand is currently partially met via a very progressive Assisted Living Program centered upon the Peninsula Manor Seniors Supportive Housing complex and the Wilson Memorial General Hospital CCC and Acute wards. While these facilities and programs fill a gap, they are not the specialized, dedicated facilities that can best support the unique medical and social needs of residents best cared for in long term care facilities.

Over the past five fiscal years, the Wilson Memorial General Hospital has averaged 3.5 Alternate Level of Care (ALC) patients in our acute ward. The vast majority of these ALC patients are ALC awaiting LTC. Additionally, the twelve bed CCC ward operates at 100% occupancy, as does the 36 apartment, Peninsula Manor Seniors Supportive Housing facility. Significant wait lists exist in the community for all these care levels and multiple local residents have had to relocate away from their families to find appropriate LTC accommodation throughout the Province.

The addition of 14 long term care beds allows for efficient staffing levels that will meet the new minimum nursing and allied health care daily bed hour standards, and helps strengthen our healthcare campus concept in Marathon. This campus currently includes Wilson Memorial General Hospital, Superior North Emergency Services (ambulance), Peninsula Manor Seniors Supportive Housing and Marathon Family Health Team (primary care); all within a centrally located section in the community. Additionally, sufficient land and infrastructure exists to scale up the LTC facility in the future, if demand growth warrants.

NOSH has had very significant success operating Wilkes Terrace LTC facility in Terrace Bay, which is physically attached and fully integrated with the McCausland Hospital facility. This experience has prompted NOSH to propose a similar shared design for our Marathon facility. The fourteen bed LTC wing is proposed to be located at the south end of the existing hospital adjacent to the current Complex Continuing Care unit (CCC).The new LTC unit would therefore share operational resources with the existing Wilson Memorial Hospital, namely: dietary, housekeeping, maintenance, IPAC, nursing and all administrative functions. We believe that this type of resource sharing allows for a financially and operationally efficient, integrated facility that builds upon our experience and success operating the Terrace Bay Hospital and LTC facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

This $2 million campaign has been launched to support the development of the North of Superior Healthcare Group's (NOSH) new 14-bed Long-Term Care (LTC) addition to the Wilson Memorial General Hospital site in Marathon, ON.

Ontario's long-term care system has become strained, putting additional pressure on the province's health care system. Working within budget constraints, limited government funding, fostering sustainability and responding to the healthcare needs of our diversifying communities poses a real challenge for our rural hospital site. Locally, this has resulted in relocation away from home, placement on long waitlists, or the use of alternate care beds.

This $14.2 million-dollar project will decrease the occupancy challenge currently experienced, as well as allow families to stay closer to home and have access to the health care they need.

The Ministry of Long-Term Care provides a planning and development grant of approx. $650,000 upon signing a development agreement. Additionally, a construction funding subsidy and bed allocations are provided for 25 years to support some long-term debt repayment.

Fundraising and other external grant opportunities are crucial to the overall financing of the project.

The Marathon LTC project received approval to construct from the Ministry of Long-Term Care and Ministry of Health on August 31, 2023. Construction is set to begin in the spring of 2024 with the first resident set to move in by the summer of 2025.

This Campaign is made possible because of the generosity of our community. Donations are gratefully welcomed from individuals, families, businesses, financial institutions, charitable foundations, service clubs, the general community, and members of the NOSH group (medical staff, board members, employees, and volunteers). Our campaign lead is available to speak with you about the ways to give that best meet individual circumstances and giving objectives.

Yes. All donors of gifts over $10 will be issued an official tax receipt, which can be used when completing income tax returns. However, based on CRA regulations, we cannot issue a charitable tax receipt when there is formal gift recognition through naming rights*.

*Naming rights are defined as a financial transaction and form of advertising or memorialization where a corporation, person, or other entity purchases the right to name a facility, object, location, program, or event.

100% of your gift goes directly to the Campaign. Other costs associated with the Campaign are being covered through a separate funded project.

These donations qualify for a tax receipt. You may also wish to host a fundraising event at your place of work. Please contact the Campaign lead, as they can advise you on ideas.

The North of Superior Healthcare Group offers a number of opportunities at various giving levels to acknowledge major commitments made to the Campaign. However, based on CRA regulations, we cannot issue a charitable tax receipt when there is formal recognition through naming rights*.

*Naming rights are defined as a financial transaction and form of advertising or memorialization where a corporation, person, or other entity purchases the right to name a facility, object, location, program, or event.