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The winner of the monthly 50/50 Jackpot draw will receive 50%, the remaining 50% is separated between the two hospitals. 25% will go to Wilson Memorial General Hospital for a Diagnostic Imaging and Nursing equipment, the other 25% will go to The McCausland Hospital for a new portable and standalone X-ray equipment.

New Portable Ultrasound Machine

A new portable ultrasound machine at McCausland Hospital is intended for use in the emergency department. A new machine would allow for images to be captured in a timely manner to assist physicians with a quicker diagnosis in an emergency setting. A portable Ultrasound machine is valued at $40,000.


New X-Ray Imaging Plate

The X-ray department is looking to upgrade! Currently, the DI department has one x-ray imaging plate. The imaging plate allows for the x-ray image to be captured and transferred to a computer in a matter of seconds.  By having a second imaging plate, it will allow staff to work interchangeably between portable imaging and stationary imaging. The imaging plate is valued at $100,000.


New Ultrasound Machine

North of Superior Healthcare Group is currently fundraising to purchase a new Ultrasound Machine at Wilson Memorial Hospital! A new machine will allow for better image quality to allow physicians to make an accurate diagnosis. A new ultrasound machine is valued at $140,000.


If you have any questions or are in need of assistance, please contact Mitchel Hatton:

The McCausland Hospital: 807-825-3273 ext. 202
Wilson Memorial General Hospital: 807-229-1740 ext. 2243