Past Fundraising Campaigns

NEW Wilkes Terrace Blanket Warmer

The Residents of Wilkes Terrace would like to send a big thank you to all those who donated towards the blanket warmer.  Whether you gave a personal donation towards it or purchased a NOSH 50/50 ticket, we would like to thank each and every one of you. The blanket warmer has been a complete success and has been implemented into most of our Residents’ everyday lives. Some of the many benefits of the blanket warmer are when Residents receive a warm towel after a bath, a warm blanket on a cold winter night, or a warm blanket just to have a warm blanket; the Residents are absolutely loving it.  Not only does the blanket warmer help with getting our Residents warm, it helps with reducing anxiety, increases their daily comfort, helps them sleep better, and assists with pain relief. The blanket warmer truly has become apart of our Wilkes Terrace Family. Thank you all very much.



NEW Vitros at McCausland and Wilson Memorial Hospitals!

Laboratory staff at both hospitals sites recently installed a new Vitros analyzer. Each analyzer is valued at approximately $150,000 each!  The Vitros analyzer allows for faster results. 

Thank you to those who donated towards the purchase of these machines! 





Thank you so much for your support!

Superior Survey: $2,000

*The Auxiliary to WMGH – Gift Shop

*Sirard’s Independent Barbeque

Marathon TS Station Construction

John Andrews Foundation: $3,750


NEW Ultrasound Machine for The McCausland Hospital!

The cost for the new Ultrasound Machine is valued at $130,000 and we at North of Superior Healthcare Group want you all to know that the ultrasound machine was 100% paid through donations and fund raising.   




Buying the Ultrasound Machine would not be possible without the following supporters:

Auxiliary to The McCausland Hospital

Terrace Bay Sno-Kickers

Local Businesses

Individual donations

Curbside Band

Aruna Patel, Sulbha Shrimal & Toonam Tiwari

Cash Calendar Proceeds

CEO Challenges

John Andrews Foundation

50/50 Electronic Monthly Raffles

And YOU our local hero’s who help make The McCausland Hospital’s dreams come true by raising funds so we can continue to treat patients close to home.  Together we are making a difference.


New X-Ray Machine at Wilson Memorial! 

Together we raised over $305,000 to cover the cost of the hospital's digital and mobile x-ray machines at Wilson Memorial General Hospital.  In November the portable arrived and in mid December the New X-ray machine was in place and servicing the public.     The Radiology Department is now operating with new technology offering the community the services they deserve to help with early diagnosis and good health.   

The dream of having a new Digital X-ray machine would not be possible without the support of Marathon & the surrounding communities, local businesses and businesses out of town,   foundations and support groups who are always willing to give to North of Superior Healthcare Group.   You can be proud to know that our hospital is what it is today, because of YOU!


New X-Ray Machine

New Chemotherapy Room at The McCausland Hospital 

For most cancer patients the chemotherapy room is where a majority of their treatment is spent. Treatment can take up to 9 hours with most patients returning weekly for several months.


New Chemo Room at McCausland
Bonnie Knox, Chemotherapy Nurse stands proud as she shows off the completed renovated
Chemotherapy room at The McCausland Hospital. 
Chemo Bell
The Bell that patients can ring to mark the end of their treatment
Some supplies and equipment
Some equipment and supplies are still needed. 


This project could not have been done without the strong support of our entire community, staff, businesses and our annual

"Drive for the Cure" that is held every fall at the beautiful Aguasabon Golf Club. This service allows patient to receive care closer to home and lessen their need to travel to Thunder Bay.

The picture of the BELL on the wall located in the Chemotherapy room marks a milestone in cancer treatment. Patients can ring to mark the end of treatment, a journey to health and peace.


Bonnie Knox, Chemotherapy Nurse is still looking to stock the room with the following items:

small fridge

blankets for each Chemo patient

chemo hats

pic lines

snacks and drinks

If you think you can help donate please do not hesitate to contact Bonnie Knox at The McCausland Hospital. Thank You!