We are currently looking for representation from The McCausland Hospital catchment area. 

North of Superior Healthcare Group (NOSH) is a two site hospital – Wilson Memorial General Hospital, Marathon, ON and The McCausland Hospital, Terrace Bay, ON. Together we are currently looking for interested volunteers to join with our leaders and health care team members to make the care we provide to our patients, residents and families even better.

You will represent the voice of the patients and families of NOSH and your presence and perspective will help us to shift the care experience to a more patient and family centred approach.

Have you been a patient or family member at our hospital and are you interested in:

  • Serving as an advisor and partner to provide input on new programs and services
  • Able to share insights and information about your own hospital experiences
  • Interested in how policies, programs, or projects will affect patients and their families
  • Eager to help improve the delivery of healthcare at our hospital
  • Willing to devote approximately one hour per month participating in our Patient and Family Advisory Council?

Specifically, we are asking people who:

  • Have received care or had a loved one receive care from our organization within the last two years
  • Can work respectfully in partnership with a variety of other people
  • Are interested in sharing insights and information about their health care experiences in ways that others can learn from
  • Take a constructive approach to discussing concerns and ideas to address them

If you are interested in filling out an application click here to download the online version or pick up an application from the Hospital reception.