Significant COVID-19 Transmission in Terrace Bay & Schreiber

January 3, 2022 – The North of Superior Healthcare Group (NOSH) and Northshore Family Health Team (NSFHT) are advising the public of a significant increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the Terrace Bay – Schreiber catchment area.  There is evidence of community spread in our area, with at least 16 positive cases being confirmed with PCR testing and an additional 20+ positive cases detected via Rapid Antigen Testing.  We are assuming that these cases are “omicron” variant cases.

To ensure the sustainability of our healthcare services, The McCausland Hospital will be immediately reducing visitation to our hospital to one (1) approved essential care partner (ECP) for each acute or CCC patient.  The hospital staff will be contacting those ECPs impacted by this change.  Any exceptions to this rule must be approved by the Chief Nursing Officer.  We will be monitoring the prevalence of COVID-19 in our communities and will re-analyze our visiting policy on January 11, 2022.  Visitation to Wilkes Terrace LTC will continue to follow Directive #3.

In alignment with revised Ministry of Health guidance released on December 30th, PCR testing for COVID-19 is now being limited to priority populations, as detailed in the following link:

With the rapid increase in COVID-19 cases, we ask:

  • If you are COVID-19 positive, on either a PCR test done at our assessment centre or a kit at home, immediately self-isolate; have your household members isolate (stay home) and advise all of your close contacts from the past several days of your positive result.
  • If you have tested positive on a Rapid Antigen Test, assume you are COVID-19 positive. Only seek out a PCR test, if you are in the priority populations identified through the link above. 
  • If you have tested positive on a Rapid Antigen Test, please call 825-3273 x136 to report your result and receive advice on isolation and follow up care.
  • If you have symptoms as outlined here, and do not have access to testing, assume you are COVID-19 positive and self-isolate. Symptoms are fever and/or chills; OR Cough; OR Shortness of breath; OR Decrease or loss of taste or smell; OR Two or more of:  runny nose/nasal congestion, headache, extreme fatigue, sore throat, muscle aches/joint pain or gastrointestinal symptoms (i.e. vomiting or diarrhea)
  • If you are having difficulty breathing, or have any other symptoms that you cannot manage at home, call 911 or go to the emergency department. Please call the department before coming to let them know to expect you.
  • A reminder about how to self isolate is here:
  • If you have been notified that that you are a close contact and unsure if you need to isolate, please visit:

Please note that you MUST self isolate to decrease the spread of COVID 19 regardless of your vaccination status.

With the recent changes to COVID-19 testing and contact tracing, it is anticipated that we will not be able to accurately report of COVID-19 cases in our communities.  As such, we will be stopping our routine case count dashboard reporting.  We encourage you, however, to continue following us at NOSH FB / NSFHT FB, for pandemic related updates.



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