March 7, 2023 - To better respond to long-term community healthcare needs, the province will be adopting a new approach to assess and treat flu-like illnesses which no longer includes the operation of COVID-19 Assessment Centres. As a result, NOSH is advising our communities that the Terrace Bay COVID-19 Assessment Centre will be closed as of March 31, 2023. 


Your healthcare team would like to reassure you that we remain committed to delivering quality and timely access to appropriate testing and assessments for respiratory illnesses. NOSH will continue to offer access to care for those who require to be assessed after-hours or on weekends and/or have urgent respiratory symptoms (e.g. severe difficulty breathing, chest pain, loss of consciousness) through our Emergency Department. 


Keeping our patients, visitors and employees safe, especially those who are at higher risk of severe outcomes from respiratory illness, also remains a priority. To minimize the risk of contracting an infection when accessing our facilities, additional infection prevention and control measures recommended by public health will be implemented.


NOSH would like to acknowledge the many healthcare workers and administrative staff who were involved in the successful operation of the COVID-19 Assessment Centre over the past three years. They have provided excellent care and have worked incredibly hard throughout the pandemic to protect our communities. 


Thank you to our communities for their support and understanding throughout this transition.